User Guide

Sign up and Ride

How to sign up from the Neuron mobile app?

First download the Neuron App from the App Store or Google Play. When you open the app, enter your phone number, email address, and a user name. A verification code will be sent to the registered phone number. After verification, you will see the Neuron e-scooter and bicycle stations around your location.

How can I request a refund?

You can request a refund by sending us feedback through the app. Note that we can only refund unused portions of credit. e.g. $10 refund if there is a remainer of $15.

How can I start to use the Neuron e-scooters and bikes?

Before you can check out a Neuron e-scooter or bike, you need to put a security deposit and top up your account balance at the app’s Account page. Currently, we only accept credit card payment.

How to check out and return a Neuron e-scooter?

Checking out and returning an e-scooter is super easy. Just use the app to scan the QR code on a dock, power on the scooter to enjoy your ride, and push the scooter into a dock upon return.

How to check out and return a Neuron bicycle?

A neuron bicycle can be checked out by scanning the QR code on the bicycle. Afterwards, an unlock code will be sent to the app for user to unlock the bike. Upon returning, the user is required to lock the bike and scan the QR code at any

Can I park anywhere?

Neuron’s system is a docked system unlike other dockless bicycle sharing systems. We require the e-scooters to be returned to a docking station and bicycles to a designated area after a trip is completed.

How long can I rent a device out?

The system is meant for sharing. Strictly no usage of more than 24hrs.

What do I do if I can’t find an empty dock at my destination?

You are encouraged to check the mobile app for nearby docking availability.

I have never used an e-scooter before. Does riding an e-scooter require a lot of skill?

The speed limit has been set to 15 km/h so that anyone can ride safely without fear of the scooter getting out of control.

How can I send feedback to Neuron?

A few feedback channels have been set up. You are encouraged to use the in-app feedback function to inform us any issue, where you can easily upload a photo as well. Alternatively, you can send us an email at or call our hotline at +65-6265-7196

Pricing and Billing

Is the security deposit refundable.

Yes, the security deposit is one-time refundable. It may take up to three weeks to process. If you refund deposit more than one time, an extra transaction fee will be deducted from deposit.

How much does it cost to rent a Neuron e-scooter or bicycle in Singapore?

Both e-scooters and bicycles can be rented at S$0.5/15mins. Neuron is also looking into providing monthly and yearly passes for our frequent users.


How old do I have to be to use the Neuron e-scooters and bicycles?

You have to be 16 years or older.

Can I ride with another person on the same Neuron e-scooter or bicycle?

No, only one person is allowed on the device at any time.

Can I ride a e-scooter on the road?

No, e-scooters can only be used on footpaths, cycling paths, and shared paths. Visit for the full list of rules.